Wonderful that you have made the decision to register. This is very wise, because the benefits you will receive are not only big financial savings, but also to grow your quilting/sewing/fashion talents, meet new people, participate in entertaining events…in short, increase your happiness and relaxation.

Fantastic Benefits of Social Media For Older Women
If you are avoiding or being afraid of using social media, when it is so easy to use, then you are locking yourself out of wonderful advantages. This is especially the case for women over 60. You should have gotten over those fears by now and be well on your way to doing on-line shopping, internet banking and web surfing by now.

It lets you get involved and interact with what we see, read and hear. We now have the ability give feedback. We can state our opinion and express our thoughts. It is up to us to take advantage of this great opportunity and be heard. So, what are some of the major advantages?:

Social Media is Simple to Use
You can easily and quickly sign up, log on and get at it. Go ahead and try. Use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, starting with the more popular sites. They have been around for a while and their “technology” is tried and true. In other words, they work and are very easy to use.

Learn About Anything
The Internet and social media are interconnected. This means that websites are connected to social media sites, and anyone using social media can connect and link to an endless journey through the web and social media. This provides a tremendous amount of information on any subject, item, product, trend, phase, issue, and so on. It’s all out there! Search on anything and you’ll be provided with many tips, suggestions, and advice. It’s like the biggest library ever at your fingertips.

Be Heard
Social media lets you get your opinion out there. It thrives on feedback. You can comment on anything and everything. You can even let loose and vent away, releasing all your frustration and anger. You do have to be respectful and aware that others are reading your words, so be careful with profane and slanderous comments.

Being heard sure does feel good! You didn’t have to keep it all bottled up. And more importantly, your social media presence can lead to great conversations and to finding others that support your views.

Get Advice
Have you ever been in a quandary not knowing what to do, or which choice is best? Get help by using social media and asking your question. Explain your situation and ask for advice. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get a definite right answer, but you will have things to consider. You may get good advice telling you to do one thing, great suggestions for doing the opposite and maybe a good argument for something you hadn’t thought of.

Share and Contribute
You can help others. Comment away, answering the questions people post to help them with their choices. There are so many places where you can help others. There are travel sites, special interest newsletters, Facebook pages, and even online stores, where you can provide your opinion on an endless number of topics and items.

Realize You’re Not Alone
It doesn’t take long to realize that we are all connected through social media. Maybe we don’t know who were connected to, but we have reached out and found others with similar interests, concerns, problems and challenges. No one is alone, unless they want to be. And people want to help, to connect with you, sharing experiences and building relationships. They are people like you, going through the same things you’re going through. You’re not alone.

Here’s a summary of the different subscription membership plans, which are in effect for 1 year from signup date:

BenefitSilver PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
1. Automatic additional fabric shopping discounts from the already unbeatable prices in our Shop. Details - Full Store15%30%50%
2. Join exciting quilting groups. Details - Groups Setup

  • Meet new people

  • Make friends

  • Invite people/friends

  • Follow people/friends

  • Join/participate forums

  • Live chat

  • Live meet with audio and video

  • Share documents, images, videos

  • Collaborate on projects

  • And more...

3. Create your own groups. Invite your friends. Build an exciting community.YesYesYes
4. Swap fabrics, designs, quilts, etc with other registered users/members. Modernize, expand, and diversify.

  • Create ads

  • Browse ads

  • Edit ads

  • Respond to ads

  • And more...

5. Quilters TV. Watch tutorials, tips, interviews, events. Programs updated daily.YesYesYes
6. Take normally paid quilting courses for free.

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

7. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle TV for middle aged and older women. Programs updated daily.YesYesYes
8. Meditation TV. Relax more, manage stress, reduce negative emotions, increase creativity, incrase patience. Updated daily.YesYesYes
9. Best church sermons ever. For church group quilters. Updated daily.YesYesYes
10. Watch & enjoy past full live concerts.YesYesYes
11. Vegetables & flowers gardening tutorials.YesYesYes

“Quilting is such a blessing in my life. It affords me the opportunity to be with like-minded people. Together we share experiences, quilts, and the joy quilting brings. I truly believe quilters are the best people around! I’m also blessed in that my career as a home sewer and pattern tester for various fabric companies brings me gorgeous fabrics and interesting patterns to play with. In fact, I love the act and art of quilting so much that when I’m not quilting for hire, I’m quilting for fun!

Quilting is a great way to relax and my favorite part of the process is the actual quilting of the quilt. I sit in front of my machine and let my mind wander in a zen garden while my hands move the fabric back and forth under the needle. Then again, nothing is more relaxing in the evening than hand stitching the binding to the quilt with a cup of tea by my side (I’m very careful not to spill) and a favorite program on the television. I’m not as fond of some aspects (quilting-cutting for example) but the good outweighs the bad because I’m still quilting and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!”

– Peg Spradlin

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