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Did you know that a huge percentage of quilters also love gardening? I know for most of you who love both it won’t be a surprise, but for those that don’t know, it’s a connection that’s hard to ignore! Here are the top five ways that quilting and gardening are aligned. Perhaps you can add others!

While there are improvisational ways to make a quilt, I think most quilters like the planning process.This is also important in gardening.

Level of commitment
Both quilting and gardening demand quite a high level of commitment. Both quilting and gardening are easy to start and more difficult to see through to fruition.

Patience and vision
Related to needing a fairly high level of commitment, both quilting and gardening demand real patience and the ability to envision how pieces will come together to form a whole. I need to be able to see the finished project in my mind’s eye, to give me the trust that all the tedious early work is worthwhile. It’s exactly the same with gardening.

Color and Shape
Perhaps the most obvious similarity between quilting and gardening is the use of color and shapes to create a pleasing whole. For quilters and gardeners, colors and shapes become the building blocks of their vision.

The different choices people make in the fabrics create limitless possibilities in the finished quilts. Makers have always expressed their individuality through quilt design, so much so that certain quilts can be recognized as being made by certain quilters or by having been done in a particular region.

Gardening, too, offers the same endless possibilities with the same basic ingredients. We all use the same relatively small number of plants and flowers that work in our growing zone but the results are as varied as we are. If you and I both start with petunias and geraniums and creeping Jenny, my end product will look entirely different than yours!

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